About us

OOJA Displays is a furniture brand founded in 2020 by the designer couple Noora Sallasmaa and Janne Norokytö.
A deep knowledge of the needs of retail companies, gained during two decades designing furniture and interiors for top Finnish brands, was the starting point for Ooja’s assembled, compact and unique furniture.
Sallasmaa & Norokytö work deep in the Finnish countryside, in a 100-year-old farmhouse in the village of Sauvo. They value craft traditions, quality, timelessness and strive to support sustainable development through their activities. Only local and domestic craft professionals and small businesses are used in Ooja’s production, and environmentally friendly materials are sourced whenever possible.
Ooja’s furniture stands out compared with the bland furniture usually used in retail environments. The brand’s relaxed and approachable design language makes the furniture suitable for hotels, restaurants, business premises, events and shops, and it also fits naturally in the home.The compactness and easy assembly of the products save delivery costs and energy, since many items fit in one vehicle. The ready-to-assemble structure allows the furniture to be conveniently stored and the operating environment to be easily changed.
OOJA Displays got its name from the local colloquial Finnish word “ooja”, which is used during the clapping of work gloves when job is done, or at the coffee table to express that enough coffee has been poured.

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