K001 on helppokäyttöinen pop-up kaluste. 
Oojan kalusteiden tapaan rungon osat mahtuvat purettuna kalusteen omaan laatikkoon.

Kysy tarjousta tai lisää kustomointimahdollisuuksista!+358 (0) 44 034 0341info@ooja.fi



The K001 is a handy and mobile piece of furniture. It can be used as a serving trolley, a worktop, service point or sales / campaign furniture.
K001 is designed to be used and stored indoors. The structure is compact, allowing it to be easily assembled and packed in its own box. Assembly requires no tools and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
An additional part of the furniture is a sign (K001_sign) that can be attached to the box, where you can place a message or logo from your nearest printing house.
In addition, a rack (K001_rack) is available for the furniture, which is useful for supporting the structure of the furniture, especially in public or shop environments.

Starting price: 980€ +alv.

Ask more about customization options!+358 (0) 44 034 0341info@ooja.fi